Monday, 2 November 2009

Back in the saddle...again

Happy Monday!

I know, right? But it's true! My Monday is so happy!

Why, you ask?

Well, for one, I've started PDS. And it's great. It's gonna be a ball, I can already tell. There are so many things I've never done that I'm doing with this book, and it's just a ball. I'm definitely using it as a crutch to get through the rewrites of an older book my agent wanted to see, which is also what I'm doing. It's a pretty hefty rewrite and so I'm not *really* counting it in my NaNo, but I'm definitely marking it here, because I want to be able to keep track of myself.

So I'm really busy!

I got

9K edited


1k of new words

How you doin' with yours?


Patti said...

I've got four chapters left of my latest edit to get rid of passive voice. I have one more beta reader reading it and hopefully by November 15 I'll be done (for now anyway)

Heidi Willis said...

You're so inspiring! I not only am in awe of how fast you write, but I love that you love everything you write! No wonder you're so enthusiastic about it all!

Good luck! I have no doubt you'll end up with 75,000 words, but I'll keep checking in to find out how you're doing.