Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lotsa firsts today!


My Wonder Agent has started reading PoloGRRL! This is exciting to me, and the first original manuscript she's read since POSSUM SUMMER. It's a first, and I'm sure there will be many more, but I was really rather surprised with myself at the range of emotions I felt when I read her short note.

Fear. (What if she doesn't like it??)
Elation. (I did it! She has the next book!)
Sadness. (I did the best I could. What happens if my best wasn't good enough?)
Irritation. (I should have looked it over one more time. Darnit, I should have looked it over one more time!)

But most of all, just a really anticipatory feeling. Waiting to see what she'll think.

And since I didn't get my betas my book yesterday, today is the day I shall do this. Please cross your fingers. :-)


Heidi Willis said...

Let the excitement overweigh the fear. It feels a lot better, and if, against astronomical odds, she doesn't like it (not a chance),it doesn't hurt any worse.

Believe in your book, your agent, and YOU!

Heidi the Hick said...

I'm not worried because it's already getting the thumbs up from one reader even though she's only halfway through!

pseudosu said...

Uh- yeah, I totally am one... (points thumbs at self and struts around). Can't wait-- digging in tomorrow night-- because that's when i'll be home next.

Merrilee said...

Now that's a nice wide swath of emotions :) I'm sure it will be fine!