Monday, 23 November 2009

Monday again!

Hey guys!

How was your writing weekend?

I have reached the End of the Revision. Hoorah! And now...I get to start writing and seriously working on Panic. Which is so cool.

But you know what?

These revisions were more fun...than I planned. I know what you're thinking. Revisions, fun? But they were. Thinking, really pointedly thinking about my characters, looking at my plot, reading what betas's amazing that it could be fun. And yet. And yet! I loved it!

Which leads me to...Forester's son. I love this book, but it's got a mountain of problems. I've put all the information I learned revising the other into ideas for Forester's son and you know what? I think I can revise this mofo!

So that's what I'll also be doing. I've discovered I'm pretty good at writing ONE book and revising ONE book at the same time. It either takes different parts of the brain or the two plots are so different...but either way, I think I can do it. And so I will.

It's just so cool right now.


Janna Qualman said...

Go you! That's some great progress. Hope you're feeling well, too!

Heidi Willis said...

Your productivity amazes me.

I love revising too! Almost more than writing the first draft...

I just haven't figured out how to balance my time enough to write and revise at the same time. At least, the kind of revise that's not directed...

Kerri said...

That's some good multi-tasking. And Yay on finishing Btw, "mountain of problems" was that a deliberate pun you clever girl?

Heidi the Hick said...

I really enjoy revising. Does that make me weird? (er?)

And Iknow you can do this!