Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Moving along.

Isn't this boring? It is totally boring.

All I'm doing right now is writing. Or editing. Or revising. Or, when I need a break from it all, knitting. I'm making good steps in all directions, but then I come and report and it's so boooooring.

I mean, what can I say? I get a total kick out of PDS, the dog in this book is just insane hysterical and I heart him. My other revision is going well and I'm ten chapters in. I'm more than half, easy almost 3/4 through, with my lovely scarf and easily 3/4 finished with the cat's sweater, called the cat-cho by my knitting buddy. (There will be pictures.) And my brain is going in every direction and I don't remember anything.

Huh? What did I just say?


So things are going well. And this is such a boring post.



Jennifer said...

3/4?!??! Does this mean you haven't worked on it since I last saw you? There will be major trouble come tomorrow night if that thing isn't ready for a bind-off. Trannycat is freezing his hairless butt off, you cruel cruel person!

Heidi Willis said...

It's more important to have an interesting life out of the blog world than in it.


You totally rock!