Thursday, 17 December 2009

BABY EDITION: Ruminating

So, questions I'm thinking about this morning, little Loki, as you tumble and twist in there, like some whacked-out gym enthusiast:
  1. Stretch marks, Loki. STRETCH MARKS. I just found my first this morning, and as hubs said, "Loki is still growing! It won't be the last!" (Thanks honey) WHY OH WHY?

  2. DUDE. All those talks about how pregnant women get seats in the train and bus? TOTAL LIES. Why do people in this town avert their eyes from my belly and sink down in their seats? This is not cool.

  3. Heartburn. Constipation. Again, this is a WHYYYY? (Because if it's true that heartburn means you'll have some hair, Loki, you're gonna be It from the Addams family!)

  4. How will your grandparents react when they find out if you're a boy or girl? What is the best way to let them find out? A little present? A pic? Jury's still out. Any ideas out there?

  5. Why is there so much MISinformation out there? Even between countries advice? This is also not cool. The internet is particularly bad at this!


Patti said...

I remember my stretch marks, in fact, I still have lingering reminders. Heartburn must mean your baby will have lots of hair. Apparently there's no chivalry left in this world.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah conflicting advice will drive you nuts. You can safely ignore half of it - preferably the half you don't like!

AS for rude people... feel free to stare them down and ask if they could please spare you a seat. For cryin' out loud geez.

When I was pregnant the first time, when I lived in the northern burbs of Toronto, and looked about 17, I found myself on a crowded bus while suffering some nasty lower belly pains. I didn't look very pregnant yet... but I called out, loudly, as I looked around, "Could anybody give me a seat? I'm pregnant and shouldn't be standing." Of course some people probably figured it was my own damn fault, stupid teenager (which is no excuse to be rude in my opinion) and others maybe didn't get English... normally I wouldn't have done that but my unborn child demanded it.

Someone got up. A little old lady. Everybody else pretended to be somewhere else. I hestitated and she insisted. I sat down and thanked her and grumbled out loud that SOME PEOPLE still have manners.

Don't be afraid to be rude, Jen. If you have to get off your feet, tell somebody. Um, throw your weight around, haha, geez. Sad but true...

Terresa said...

Mmm, all true, but you've forgotten some of the best ones: hemorrhoids and sagging boobs. :P

After having 4 kids many parts of my bod look 85 years old. But I'm putting stock in the saying, "It's all worth it." At least I keep hoping it is. :)

Angela said...

Your stretch markes will fade in color and size after baby L. So right now don't worry about them!

Don't turn to the internet for advice!!! Turn to someone you trust. Do you know someone who is a good baby haver that you trust? Seek out her advice. (We women love to brag!)

Just remember you are doing the coolest and most important thing in the world!!! You are making the future!

! Love you!

Heidi Willis said...

I'm late to the blog post (darn snow...) but I had to check for the baby edition. Love these!

As I sit here reading this, my youngest is drawing pictures of snowmen with bright red scarves, and my other daughter and son are co-knitting a scarf for a cousin and are singing carols.

It's so totally worth it.