Thursday, 3 December 2009

BABY: Spinning cotton candy dreams

Little kid!

You are growing so much, I can tell even without the ultrasounds. It slowly becomes more difficult to get up off the couch (!!) and to lay on my back becomes. VERY. uncomfortable. And you kick like a linebacker.

But I don't want to complain!

I've been watching your video rather alot, and thinking about what you'll look like. To my utter dismay, it appears you have my pug (pig) nose. But it looks like you have your papa's jaw, and if we're lucky you'll have his white-blond curly hair. (If you can't tell, I'm thinking a lot lately about what you'll look like, as you practice your ninja kicks at 5 am in my bellee).

And my job. You're lucky your mum likes her job so much. I don't talk about my job here as a general rule, but just to tell you all (while I have a fangirl moment): I really, really love my job. I like the people, I like what I do, I like the money... :-) ... and they've been so good about you and letting me work from home ... they just rock.

And I must be getting some sort of nesting feeling, because the last days I've been lusting after this, which has admittedly been my dream for a long while before but it's really solidifying now. My own little Swedish farm.

With goats. I had it in Oklahoma, and your papa had it with his grandparents holiday house, but I'm worried that you won't: Some place in your life where everything is golden, and green, and turquoise blue, with animals and water and plants and magic at every turn.

I want you to have some place like that, when you think back on your childhood. (Which means I better get to selling some books, because papa informs me this is the only way to achieve this particular dream).

You're doing good, I'm doing good. Let's continue at this level.


Merrilee said...

Wonderful! Grow on, little baby, and lighten up on the kicks :)

Heidi Willis said...

Isn't this the best time of the pregnancy??

Your peaceful place sounds awesome, and I hope you sell a gazillion books and can buy it someday. But if not, kids have a way of finding and making their own special places. You'll see. :)

Patti said...

I loved it when I used to see my stomach stretch in two different directions. I think it gets more uncomfortable so that you'll be willing to do anything to get the baby out.

I can relate to having the place. I grew up going to my cousins farm, but that's gone now and my kids will never experience that.

Janna Qualman said...

It's so exciting! I'm glad things are well. Other than, you know, the usual aches and pains. ;) Take care.

AutumnZ said...

Oh, this was just lovely. I watched your video and am awed. Already beautiful!

Heidi the Hick said...

I want you to have that little farm.

And I'm really loving your baby updates!