Monday, 14 December 2009

Back in the saddle again!

If I could put little music notes around that title, I'd do it.

So I started back in on Panic on Friday. By the end of the weekend, I was up to Chapter 6, knew the basics of Chapter 7 and 8, and had had a great, fun time writing this crazy dog in this book. He cracks me up - a perfect representation of the best in hard-boiled detectives, it's fun juxtaposing that against his status (which shall remain SEKRIT) and his boy Ren's (slightly) wimpy outlook on life. It's cute to see them coming together, and I haven't had a book come this easily since Possum Summer.

Which I'm *hoping* is a good thing.

Now, I've written some books. My agent is subbing one, she's got the next, two shall remain in my closet (along with the half-*ssed tries from earlier in my writing career), one STILL needs to be edited (*sigh* Forester's son, I just can't quit you) and now Panic.

And you know what? I think besides for Possum Summer (which I'm SICK of seeing, so I guess it's finally all edited up, ha ha) this is my absolute favourite book I've written yet. I a-d-o-r-e this dog. He's the perfect mix of all my old dogs (in a way, it's a homage to all the dogs that I've known, including the show dogs) and I adore this relationship between the boy and his dog. Or perhaps, it's the dog and his boy.

AND this book has a surfer dude, which I've always wanted to include.

All in all, this MS is made of win. I hope it continues to live up and surpass my expectations. And you? How's yours coming along?


Patti said...

I finished one, and I'm a quarter of hte way through another.

Heidi Willis said...

So glad you are having a good go of it! This book sounds fabulous and I can't wait to read it!!!

Heidi the Hick said...

I've got a good feeling about this one!

Mine, sadly, is not getting the good start I'd expected but that could have a lot to do with snowstorms, cleaning stalls three times a day so the horses don't have to brave the snowstorm, and then... you guess? More painting! Gah!

I'm not worried, it'll happen.

I've got you to inspire me!

Kerri said...

Want some of your writing ju ju!

Medeia Sharif said...

Many times instincts are correct. This feeling you have sounds great. You know I'm trying to finish edits on the WIP--which makes me want to scream, because I've read the book so many times. But I know I can't release it when it still has errors.