Tuesday, 15 December 2009

*this* time

Well, I always get ahead of myself, you know? Get a great idea, get all excited and then BOOM I MUST FINISH THIS BOOK INSIDE A MONTH.

And really I don't want to do this with Panic if I can help it. Why?

First off, I'm not in a bloody race. Nobody is breathing down my neck for this (except myself) and I'm under no obligation to turn it in at any time.

Secondly, I really like this book. And this kid. And this dog. And for that, I should really just take my time and have fun with it. Because man, once the fun stops the work begins (revisions!!) so why not enjoy?

Thirdly, it's holidays.

(But I think I might enjoy writing every day and just see where I'm at by the end of the year. Tee hee)

Do you get ahead of yourself too?


Heidi Willis said...

sadly, almost never. I'm trying to just keep up most of the time.

You know, today I was actually holding my book, looking through it, thinking, "This is my baby..."

...and realized I'd already said goodbye to those characters in my heart. I'd raised them and sent them out into the world... and now my heart belongs to my new characters.

What a revelation that was!!

So yes... take your time. enjoy them.

Erin Halm said...

In my head I get ahead of myself all the time. It´s real life that won´t let me go faster than a snail.

marsh to the fore said...

Oh yes, I can get ahead of myself but sigh haven't for a long time. Enjoy it Jen. This is a really special time for a story and shows you're really into it.