Thursday, 28 January 2010

BABY edition: All the bags are packed...

....Gosh guys.

I only have two more months. That is, until the *official* date.


Lokidoodle is growing and very active, and that is great! The host organ is also growing, but what the host organ feels is more of a rampant tiredness than anything. Like even after three hours or so outside. It's big on pathetic.

The host organ did, in fact, go out yesterday and purchase the baby clothes (all Bio!!) that the Loki will come home in. It all matches. *squee* She will be the cutest Loki ever. For real.

Unless she comes out with ginger hair.

(Just kidding)

The host organ would also like to note that the ice cream she eats for supper seems to keep massive heartburn at bay. She's had a couple sleepless nights due to MASSIVE heartburn, and not only does the ice cream kill it, it's all digested by the time she goes to bed.

Utter win.

The host organ has also made appts for the hospital in depth visit (they do lotsa checkups on you here!) as well as a "Kita" appointment. The kita is basically a daycare for when she gets older but before she goes to school. You say it "Kee-tah" Like Cheetah. Only cooler.

The host organ has three books to revise and is afraid of the two month limit on time that she has. Very afraid of it. Excessively afraid.

The host organ also wonders why she is referring to herself in such an odd sort of third-personish way.

My brain is so fried.


Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

The Host Organ better get to editing! Ha, ha!

JKB, that tiredness in the last 3 months is killer! Just think though, soon you'll be home with baby all day, with nothing to do but give her loads of attention and write while she sleeps!

The first few months all she'll do is sleep, so you'll get tons of writing done!

I remember poking my poor son Vincent to get him to wake up, because I wanted to play with him and he was always snoozing!! :)

Hang in there! Possum is coming!

xoxo -- Hilary

Heidi Willis said...

The host organ should remember she is a writing fiend, and that if she can write three incredible books in less than a year, she can most certain edit the heck out of them in two months.

And Hilary is right. Babies get a bad rap for being awake all the time. Em had her eyes open maybe two hours a day for the first month. We have video of trying to wake her to eat. Freakin' hilarious.

You'll do it!

JKB said...

You guys are actually very comforting. This is EXTREMELY well loved information you're giving me!

Go on Loki, sleep sleep sleep!!!

marissaburt said...

I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if your due date was drawing near.

I agree with Hilary. They're a lot of work at first, but there's so much sleeping time. You can pretty much do anything while they eat.

So close. And I love that you're officially the host organ. Ha!