Wednesday, 13 January 2010

BABY EDITION: Positivity, people!

I hate that it soundsl ike I'm always whining about this. (Yes, off one post I am assuming that about myself and I do not like it).

I mean, come on! Little Loki, we tried and tried for three years, numerous different medications and lots of tears and struggle to have you, and I am SO very glad you're here! (Even when you wake me up at 3 am doing your kickboxing routine. *AHEM*)

There are some positive things too. I never ever thought that that craving thing was real. But it is. I love to feel you kick (in the DAYTIME, kid!!) and see my tummy move, and get things for you and imagine what you'll look like, and what your temperament will be like. How your papa's face gets all soft when he feels you kick, or how he giggles when he catches you hiccupping, like last night. The fact that he bought me a bracelet I've been yearning for for months as a present to always remember this time (altho there will certainly be a few things I aim to FORGET!) And hey, lest we forget - only two more weeks of work! THAT is a beautiful, beautiful thing! I waddle, I don't walk!

The dream I had just the other night where your great-grandma, my beloved and cherished Gran, had me sit by her and patted my tummy over where you lay inside and told me how much she also loved you, and warned me you were going to be a real 'firecracker', like her.

Tell you what, kid, you end up like your Great-Gran and you'll be a bit of all-right.


Heidi Willis said...

Oh yeah!

Don't worry, those bad things will fade. You'll remember them, but only in a curious, mental sort of way. It's the good things that will stir your heart.

It has to be that way or no one would have more than one kid. :)

Merrilee said...

Oh, the waddling stage, I remember that! Definitely time to stop work soon :)

Don't feel bad about complaining - it DOES hurt, your body is no longer your own and there's a hell of a lot of chemical malarkey going on in there as well. If it wasn't for the baby, no-one would go through this voluntarily!

Bethany Wiggins said...

Pregnancy is an amazing thing. Hard, but amazing.

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

Hey JKB,

You may want to stop my blog today! There is something shiny for you and your possum clan!

xoxo -- Hilary

Carole Anne Carr said...

Thanks so much for popping and for your support...hugs..

Terresa said...

I so remember sitting in a Gaelic Storm (celtic music band) concert while my twins alternately hiccupped inside me. It was magical and trippy, all at once.

Enjoy these moments in time.