Thursday, 21 January 2010

BABY edition: Um, I'm making a person

Isn't that so bizarre to contemplate? Every once in awhile I'm just ... whew ... man that is weird!

Little Loki! You are 30 weeks old! That means yo mama and yo papa only have 10 more weeks to go (at best!) until you are out and really shaking up the world! The hospital official "check out" visit is made, and you're getting closer and closer!

Your papa um, realized that this past weekend, on Saturday. We went baby shopping. As in, looking at cribs, looking at this, looking at that. Did you know that Germany has some of the UGLIEST child shoes in the world? True story. Lucky I can score you some American ones! And the prices! Dear child, does one really need some Nappy Protector Trash can - basically a regular trash can, mind you - but because it's for diapers and has the word baby on it it costs 50% more? Can that be?

After our long day of looking, hubs turned to me in a slight panic, eyes crazily askew & hair going in all directions (Note to genetics: PLEASE give Loki the blond curly hair he has! FTW!):

Him: "Um, wow. Let me process this."
Me: "Process what, you goofball?"

We stop at the red pedestrian light and wait. It's a slight rain/slight snow mix and the day is dismal. But we've been enjoying each other's company and living in Berlin the entire morning.

Him: "I'm gonna be a papa soon. I mean, she's real!"
Me: flashes my belly at him from underneath arctic coat. "Um, HELLO!" points to belly.
Him: "I know. But I've kind of gotten used to that! How will I get used to a baby?"

The light turns green and we start walking towards the U-bahn train again. I shake my head, laughing. You're moving and twirling inside me, just like a tiny ballerina, because you always wake up and get all excited when your papa talks. Even inside, you're papa's little girl.

Me: "I guess we'll just figure it out."

And we will, little Loki. Your beginnings are golden, your home will be full of love, and I've been working on some rad games for when, you know, your eyes can focus and stuff.

And your papa can't wait to play legos with you.


Janna Qualman said...

I feel almost guilty reading this, because it's such a lovely note to your little one, JKB. But it's so heartwarming, and I love thinking back to my pregnancies, imagining I could have that again. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

I wish you and that papa the very best! Blessings,Llittle Loki.

Jessie Oliveros said...

I saw your title on Patti's blog and came over to say congratulations! I hope all goes well. I had a baby girl six weeks ago. And the trash can? I had one for my son. Now I just toss them on the floor. Maybe they make it to a Wal-mart bag.

Carole Anne Carr said...

A very beautiful post.

Merrilee said...

Gorgeous post :)

Heidi Willis said...

I remember feeling the same thing as the hubs. To get used to the baby in the belly was one thing... to think of a real live baby actually coming home... WOW.

Total panic everytime I thought about it.

Give it a day or two after having her home, and you'll wonder what it was like before her.

Lucky, lucky little Loki.