Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Feeling torn

You know I love you guys, right?

I do. I love you. Your comments make my day, especially lately when I'm feeling like a fat lump and being pummelled from the inside while trying to work full time and write yet another book.

And this is why I'm feeling torn.

You see, mostly I consider this a blog for me. I write out things I want to remember, funny LOLCATs that really tickle me, progress so I'm able to track myself, etc.

You guys are the frosting on the cake.

I'm feeling guilty that I'm not doing what I'm seeing other writers do, i.e., making comments of my own to your comments that you add to my blog.

It's not that I don't love you. But I never really considered answering your comments, because you were making a comment to my post. Does that make sense? I really, really try to stay away from any type of navel gazing (I have a navel-gazing allergy, actually) and I just wonder if that would put me over the navel gazing edge.

And then I wonder if I'm being a jerk that I don't answer your comments with a comment of my own. I mean, I make comments on other writers blogs. Do I obsessively go back and see if they answered my comment with a comment of theirs? Nope, never.

I wonder if this makes me weird or something.

You? Do you comment? What's your position on it?

I think for right now I'll keep that up. I DO want to emphasise that if you DO comment on my blog I go to yours and automatically add you to my reader. And then I comment on your blog post.

I just don't comment here to your comment.



Carole Anne Carr said...

Hi Jen,
No not weird, just very busy with your own concerns as I used to be at your age, fighting to keep going and live life to the full with little time for anything beyond this. It is enough for you to say how you feel, and then the moment is passed. Not everyone comments on comments, some need no reply, maybe it is just our often over polite Englishness that makes most of us reply to every post we receive :0) Don't worry, enjoy your life....

pseudosu said...

I have to admit sometimes I've gone back to blogs to see if the blogger replied to my comment. I'm less motivated to comment on a blog where the poster never replies because sometimes you wonder if they're even reading the comments.

In your case, I know you are reading them, and have been to my blog, so don't feel quite that same. It's all good in the hood bb!

Personally, I like to have interaction with visitors to my blog, and always reply, be it on my blog, twitter, fb etc. I like that feeling of connectedness. But that's not to say anyone else is doing it "wrong." :)

Stephen Parrish said...

A segment of the blogging community thinks all comments demand a response and/or reciprocal visit. I don't believe in any such protocol. Some posts will generate more comments than others, and some comments will inspire a response.

Heidi Willis said...

You've got too much on your plate to feel torn!

One can spend WAY TOO MUCH time on blogs!! On your own, as well as on others. There's no one right way. :) (and when 15 people leave comments when I'm away, how in the world do I reply to each of those individually?? Usually I give up!)

I feel guilty all the time that I don't comment on the 100 blogs I try to follow. But if someone shows up at my blog and comments, that's a guarantee I'll show up on theirs that day. :)

notenoughwords said...

I don't mind if you don't respond to my comment, because we talk on e-mail or on twitter, so I know you're there.

Besides, I can be so damn slack with my own replies, it would be pretty hypocritical to get upset at someone else for doing the same thing!

AutumnZ said...

You don't need to comment on my comment. Fact is, I read your blog because I'm interested in you and your life (but not in a freaky, stalker way).

Terri Tiffany said...

I never comment back! Not enough time in this world!

Sharon Mayhew said...

I enjoy responding to my readers. I feel like I get to know them better and they get to know me better. It also gives me the chance to add more information than I put in my post. But that's just me...you have to make your blog time work for you. :) Good post!