Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Blog Interview: Jill Myles!

Her debut novel, Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, released December 29th from Pocket and is selling like mad! I am lucky to have Jill drop by to answer a few questions earlier in the week about her reading choices and what got her started on her path!

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Next stop on the tour: Jill will be speaking with YA writers Lisa and Laura!

How did your love of romance novels begin? Were you an avid romance reader?

I read pretty much everything I could get my hands on as a kid, but really loved historical stuff. When I was 12, we were visiting my older cousin on vacation. I'd just finished reading CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR so my mom was letting me ease into more 'adult' reading, and I'd finished reading everything I'd brought with me on vacation. My cousin offered to let me grab a few books from her shelves. She read romance - Zebra romances! With the pink and teal colors, the purple skies and the hologram sticker. I took home a whole suitcase full and devoured every one of them. It was awesome. For years, I looked specifically for books with that hologram.

What sets apart a truly good romance book for you, as a writer who reads?

I'm a big fan of authors that can either make me laugh or have such imaginative, amazing worldbuilding that I never know what to expect. If you can put the two together, I'm in heaven. That's why Kresley Cole is one of my favorite authors - she's super funny and her stories always go in unexpected directions. I love Ilona Andrews's books too, because her worldbuilding is freaking amazing. And Meljean Brook writes such detailed, layered, complex plots that I just want to sink into her world.

So basically I look for authors that make me jealous that I didn't write the story myself!

I read a lot about people really denigrating the entire "romance as a genre" thing. It irritates me, but I imagine it irritates you more. How do you deal with that?

Oh, I usually rant about it. Heh. It really does irritate me, I admit. For some reason, mysteries and horror and science fiction are perfectly acceptable, but a boy and a girl getting together is sneer-worthy? I don't get it. To me, it's a double standard - that if you write about relationships, you are somehow less of an author. I also hate it when people make cracks about romance being porn. My first book has three sex scenes. Probably a total of fifteen pages. And I've been told I write nothing but porn. Really? Fifteen pages out of over three hundred equals porn? What does that make a murder mystery? The equivalent of a snuff film?

Just a wee bit sensitive.

Do you enjoy other genres? What are your favourites?

I really like historical and fantasy novels. Oh, and Young Adult. I really enjoy the voice and the themes in Young Adult -- especially the fairy tale retellings. Shannon Hale and Gail Carson Levine are terrific. And since I'm naming names, Pauline Gedge is my favorite historical author, and Juliet Marillier is my favorite fantasy author.

Thanks, Jill, for stopping by!!


Christina Farley said...

Great interview. I'll have to check out some of those authors that you listed, too. Thanks.

Cathy C. Hall said...

Good questions, good suggestions. I also love to read authors that I wish I could write as well as... (but my ego usually needs a break after reading them!)

Heidi Willis said...

Great interview! I love how all of these questions on the tour are different (at least, the one's I've caught).

I don't get all the judgments, either. Like one genre is better than another. Some genres are not my cup of tea, but that doesn't make them less of a book, or their readers less of a writer.

I get testy about that too.

Tere Kirkland said...

Heh. Clan of the Cave Bear was how I learned about the birds and the bees!

I wish romance would get the respect it deserves as a genre-- its readers are the best book-buyers, that's for sure!

cheesebk said...

awesome interview!

I couldn't agree more about juliet marillier.... I read sevenwaters and loved it, am now on book 2 of thhe bridei books

cheesebk said...

awesome interview!

I couldn't agree more about juliet marillier.... I read sevenwaters and loved it, am now on book 2 of thhe bridei books

xid trebor said...

Great interview! Thanks for the info Jill!

pauling said...

Even though I don't write romance, I don't understand why it gets the rap it does. I love reading romance! For the same reason I like any book - the emotion!

erinkendall said...

Great interview!

Erin Kendall

Addled Alchemist said...

Fun interview. Thanks! :)

hope101 said...

I love Pauline Gedge too.

As for romance, someone better tell the librarians - who are not able to stock erotica or men's magazines at at the present time - they're been pandering to my baser instincts since I was 12 years old. Smut purveyors. ;)

Great interview, Jen. Jill, I'm enjoying your book.

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

JKB!!!! You rock, my little possum loving lady! Great Interview! Jill, here's to many, many book sales!!!

xoxo to both of you!!!


Ash. Elizabeth said...

Agreed. iona is a great author, too.

P.S.--I have the book trailer for GPS on my blog if anyone wants to see it. By GPS I mean Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, not the navigational system.

kalynnick said...

Great interview!

kalynnick At yahoo DOT com

Margay said...

Jill, I agree - I look for authors whose writing I admire and of whose work I say, I wish I wrote that! I also like YA and agree that there are some incredible themes being explored in it these days.

Feywriter said...

More things we have in common! I *heart* Gail Carson Levine and Juliet Marillier. Been enjoying this blog tour.

Creative A said...

"So basically I look for authors that make me jealous that I didn't write the story myself!"

This is so true! Those are my favorites.