Monday, 11 January 2010


Hey guys!

This weekend was a wonderful writing weekend.

4,500 words!


I know. Me too!

It's the best I've had in awhile, and I think this means I might FINALLY have pummelled baby brain back into writing mode. I think I'll have to see how this week pans out before I can be confident and assured.

Of course, it didn't hurt that it was snowing the entire weekend, hubs was tired and so we vegged. That didn't hurt.

I don't think I'll even put up a goal for this book for this week. It'll happen, or not.

I'm trying to be zen.


How's yours going?


pseudosu said...

Wowza! Good for you!
Mine is still coming along. I consider it a good sign I'm able to make notes about the revision as I go, already seeing chapter 4 needs to become chapter 1 etc, but keep going anyway.

Heidi Willis said...

Go YOU! That's awesome!!

Writing is going fine... I'm falling back into the "What the heck was I thinking trying to be a writer?" mode though, and considering quitting this whole business altogether. Why am I doing this again??

Patti said...

That's awesome. This weekend I was able to pump out 3000, a new record for me. I'll get this WIP done yet.

When are you due?