Monday, 25 January 2010

Weird questions I ask myself today...

  • If I have three books to revise and get perfect, can I do it in the next two months?
  • Would my agent kill me if I did that?
  • Is it possible to live on just ice cream?
  • If cats lick their rear ends, how long does it take for that taste to go away?
  • Do they want it to go away?
  • How can it be so cold out and yet not snow?
  • How can I spend three entire afternoons thinking about the motives of a Dog POV and not get bored?
  • How much bigger is this baby gonna get?
  • Why does her movement in my tummy remind me so much of the movie Alien?
HM. I think I might have issues. :-)


Patti said...

By the time two months comes along you won't care how she gets out, just that she does.

And yes I think you can live on ice cream, at least my son would like to think that.

Heidi Willis said...

I ditto Patti. By the time it comes to get little Loki out, you won't care how it happens.

And I don't think I've ever heard of anyone whose baby just didn't come out because it was too big. :)

And when she comes out, you'll have a brief moment of thinking, HOLY HECK! How did that whole baby fit in my stomach??? And then two months of, "Wow...she's so tiny!!"

Your agent is going to idolize you, ice cream is very nutritional, I'd imagine looking at things from a dog's POV would be endlessly fascinating...

I'm not touching that cat thing. Ewwww!

pseudosu said...

It reminds me of Alien too, so thanks again for making me not feel like a weirdo-- or at least one that has company!