Monday, 18 January 2010

What a feeling!

As of yesterday evening at 20:00, I am halfway finished with Panic! 25k down!

*golf claps*

I really, really can't wait to get this little book into the hands of my agent, and the nice thing is, she can't wait either! She cracked me up by asking when it would be done when I told her the premise. *loves*

As a fun fact, I thought I'd highlight the dogs that are big players in this mystery caper. Because in this mystery, the below dogs don't talk or anything, but they're still the main act.

We've got Ren and his dog Sam, who I've showed you before.

We have the pug, Eddie.

His nickname in the book is a play on one very famous owner of pugs. Did you know Edward (the Edward that abdicated the English throne for Wallis of Windsor) loved pugs? In fact, they'd have four to five of the dogs at any time. One of my online buddies also has a pug, and he's a dandy fellow.

Then we've got the Yorkie, Bitsie.

Bitsie was particularly named after my well-loved uncle's (who died last year, RIP Uncle P) last Yorkie. They had Yorkies the entire time I was growing up and a highlight of visiting my grandparents was the visit to my Uncle P and Aunt Elmer and seeing Walter and the succession of Bitsie-girls that happened after Walter (as they got older, they just recycled their favourite name). The last Bitsie was a true companion to my old Uncle, and I wanted to give her her due.

And then the Peke, Sugar.

Back when I showed dogs, I always, always, always wondered what the thrill of these dogs was. The hair? The nose? The history? I could never figure it out, but when I'd take dogs to the handlers at the Peke ring, the aisles were filled with people oogling them. While the hounds were underrepresented. *shakes head* This is the only dog I didn't choose for a particular reason. Or maybe I did choose it for its WTF aspect.

Finally we have the Chinese Crested, Precious.

You know, I love hairless (or practically hairless, BlackCat!) cats, and the dogs of this persuasion are just as...interesting. You can either get one nice looking dog or the Ugliest Dog in the World (which unfortunately the Crested has been, for several years running). I saw a really gorgeous all-black Crested back in my showing days and he was a real little superstar. So I wanted to make sure one of our main characters was an interesting type that perhaps others haven't seen before.

It's so fun to find out information on other's research and why they used/chose the things that they utilised in their books. I want to make sure and do this for Panic, because I just love this book. Even though it does have some sad parts (and one particularly melancholy subplot) it is really the story of a boy who's uncertain finding his way to his self-confidence with the help of a plucky little four-legged detective.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Sounds lovely, I'm sure it will be a great success.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Laughing, laughing, laughing...cough. Very cool post!

Patti said...

Great pictures. Sounds like an interesting book. Hope you get it done soon.

pseudosu said...

My arch nemisis back in my groundskeeper days was a Chinese Crested who def fell into the ugly category-- even had warts all over it! Plus- v. vicious.

Sounds like a fun one jen!

Heidi the Hick said...

Some very classy looking dogs there! Especially that pug!!!

I would have one of those Chinese crested dogs. I seem to have an affection for odd critters. They just look like an animal who might need some appreciation, y'know?

Merrilee said...

This book sounds like so much fun :D

AutumnZ said...

I can;t wait to read it. My Lina (age 12) will go mad for it!

Heidi Willis said...

Tell the truth... those aren't really dogs, are they?? :)

I think they all need to be on the cover of the book... talk about great characters!