Thursday, 4 February 2010

BABY edition: Cool.

You know what's cool?

This week we buy our pram. Our BRIO SING that I have had my eye on for a looong time. (and sponsored by the lovely and talented Hubsie's parents! They rock and are full on the coolest ever!)

And I'm leaning towards RED. As in, candy apple red. As in, WHOOOOA Nelly red!

See? It's a Brio Sing. Swedish! Ka-bing!

It matches perfectly our "Pippi Longstocking Crack Den" style (as my husband puts it). Only problem? It does not match my diaper bag, which has this design and colouring style:
But that's okay, right? Is it really a problem, I know you're asking yourself this question. I think that it's cool. She's just a colorful girl, got lotsa color, that's right! (Cute yet disturbing story: the diaper bag was my first purchase for Loki when she was all of five weeks old. I got really into the idea of this kid! And I love that bag.)

I adore the fire-engine red styling of The Loki Torpedo (as I think I shall christen it when we bring it home). It is a handy devil!

And this weekend is our birth preparation course! Please, please please meet me here next Thursday to hear of our journey into the depths of the German Hippie Motherhood (seriously, many seem to go apeshiz for hippie stuff once knocked up. I just don't get it) and learn to breathe together!

Now THAT will be a funny, funny post.

The Loki is doing gggggggreat. Dr complimented me on my consequence, which made me pass out and then feel all sparkly the rest of the day. She is growing great guns! (And seems to like Led Zeppelin whilst in the womb, go kid!)


Heidi Willis said...

The pram and diaper bag are awesome!! No need to go matchy, matchy.

I had a pram like that, only it was dark blue. I loved it! The handle swung from front to back so you could push baby facing out, or facing you. I was so sad when the kids outgrew it and moved into an ordinary stroller.

Please please please do not let those birthing people tell you to put a clothes pin on your ear and try to breathe through the pain because it will help you in childbirth. It does not!!! And it HURTS!! Almost worse than childbirth!! (although my husband had no problem and still to this day will find random clothes pins and hang them on his ear to freak me out, so perhaps the sensitive ear thing is only me.) But I last 36 hours in hard labor and only about 10 seconds with the clothes pin. Just friendly advice.

Oh, and if they decide to breeze over what happens if you need a c-section, saying you probably won't and it's not really that important to hear about but they have to tell you, LISTEN!! When they wisked me in to the operating room my head was spinning as I tried to remember what part of the birthing lessons this was. (and what part was it? the forget-the-breathing- you-now-have-drugs part)

Patti said...

They have such nice things for babies these days. When I had kids everything was cutsy with little baby animals. I'm kind of jealous, but not in a way that would make me want to have another child.

Merrilee said...

That is almost identical to the pram we have a Strider that is brilliant and can go almost everywhere!

A.S. King said...

For what it's worth, I had both my kids with no drugs, and both births were relatively fast, pretty easy and safe. I was very lucky. I did not hang any clothespins anywhere, though. Nor am I a crazy hippy. :) (I might be a crazy hippy.)

What I liked about my birthing classes in Ireland is that they prepared me for anything that might happen--because anything can happen. Neither here in the US nor there, did I find anyone forcing their ideas on me about what I *should* do. They just told me the options, and we could ask questions, and make decisions based on what we knew. I quite liked deciding for myself. It helped me feel more in control of the birth, which I found quite empowering.

My youngest was labored and birthed standing up. I kid you not, it was the fastest and easiest thing I ever imagined...except for those last 25 minutes. They hurt a lot. :) About 2 hours before I pushed the near 9 lb kid out, I ate a cheeseburger and fries. When I tell people this, they ask -- how soon after did you puke? because they were told by their doctors that eating during labor = puking. I didn't puke. It was a yummy cheeseburger, too.

I certainly wouldn't judge anyone who gives birth whatever way they feel most comfortable with. It's a very personal thing loaded with personal decisions, and I wish you the best with all of it! It's very exciting!

I did find one particular book really informative. It's a bit on the hippy side, but if you're considering natural birth, pop me an email and I'll give you the title, etc. I wish I'd have read it for my first, but I didn't know of it then.

Kerri said...

Love the stroller and can't wait to see you pushing it, the bag rocks and I can't wait to peek inside and see what you have in there and I adore you and can't wait to see how much of an amazing mom you're going to be.