Thursday, 25 February 2010

BABY edition: Lots of delivery dates around here!

Hey little Loki!

We're coming down to the wire! Your Papa loves to sit and watch my tummy roil and squish around as you move in the evenings. He swears that you're starting to move "down into the birth canal" and that "you'll come two weeks early."

Both statements I am alternately amused and horrified by. The docs will tell us next week when you're coming (if by artificial methods) or how you'll come, which is also a bit...nerve wracking.

Darling child, I have but one request. ONE REQUEST. Please, please do not squish upwards and push all the heartburn into my throat and mouth. It is perhaps the grossest, most painful, most humiliating thing I've ever gone through. Is it not enough that I'm up four and five times a night? Sometimes even eating a full meal during that period? But nooOOOOOo. I must admit. Please. Let. Me. Sleep. One. Night. Through. Just one! Or maybe two!

Lots and lots of delivery dates going around right now, little Loki. I'm anxious to realize some of them more than others. :-)

But you are great - braw and bonny and I can't wait to see you. And now we're REALLY getting down to the wire! It's all but time!

And your baby furniture isn't here yet ... *chews nails*


Patti said...

That was one of freakest things to me. Is watching my stomach move like there was an alien inside.

So excited for you.

Heidi the Hick said...

I hate to tell you this, but babies sometimes pull their own schedules out on ya!

As my first one was a month early, I can put your mind at ease... a new born really doesn't need much. You'll need a car seat to bring the baby home, you'll need dipes which are available at any store, and some little tiny sleepers and blankets. Honestly, if you've got some soft washcloths, very mild soap and some olive oil, you're set for washing and diapering. We tend to get carried away with all the stuff we get for babies but really all they NEED is to drink, sleep, cry and poop. And be held! That's the nicest part!

Did I mention to sleep when the baby sleeps? Very important.

And the heartburn goes away!!! yay!!!!!!

notenoughwords said...

We bought our baby furniture a month after small man's arrival, since he decided to arrive two weeks early!

As long as you have your bassinet, you'll be fine. Don't panic!