Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My new FBFF & his love of movies

Quentin Tarantino is my new FBFF. (Famous Best Friend Forevah!)


Usually, QT and I don't get along. The only movies I ever "really" liked of his were the Kill Bill series, and that because I liked his weird brand of female power. (go uma!) But we've seen his more recent ones, and last night Hubsie brought home "Inglorious Basterds".

And this movie made him my new FBFF. Why?

Once you get past the actors, and the "plot", you just get down to the feeling (or I did) that

a) At heart, QT is a Total. Movie. Nerd.
b) QT loves him some strong women characters.
c) QT makes movies just because he loves movies.

And that last bit is what got me. The love and care of every scene was really quite apparent in IB, so much so that it got me to thinking about my own revisions process.

Where he works on a lighting angle, I'm searching for a word...
Where he *really* gets into a shooting scene, glorying in the bits and pieces flying everywhere, I'm pulling a character's motivation out, teasing it just that little bit more that changes them from cardboard but believable to a friend you'd want to have....
Where he even gets those tiny cultural elements right (and W00T on him for the movie being mostly in German and French! Rock on!) I'm making sure my scenes are seamless and my story is toit...

And so on.

I never thought I would have felt a kinship with QT before last night. But oddly enough, now, I do. I love my writing and he loves his movie-ing.

Now I just have to believe that I will be as successful at my writing as he is at his movie-ing.

But I do. I'm getting much better at that.

You? Seen QT? What did you think?


A.S. King said...

I've had that movie on my DVD player (I tend to do this with Netflix more than I should) for two weeks. I really need to watch it now. I LOVE QT. Love his movies. Love his nerdiness.

pseudosu said...

You would like the book "rebel without a crew", by Roberto Rodriguez (pal & cohort of QT's).