Thursday, 18 March 2010

Back on track? Maybe? AND A WINNER!!

So I think I might be slowly getting the hang of all this! As I write, baby is camped out on chest, cat is sleeping in big throw blanket by us...which is far preferable to Saturday and Sundays:




(Black-Cat thinks: WTF?)

He's been like that since yesterday when he suddenly decided they were best friends. Now he comes to check on her, and last night when a friend
stopped by to see Loki he made quite the nuisance of himself, insisting on smelling her and sitting where he could stare at her while she held the Lokister.

The friend was not amused, but I was.

The other cat makes himself scarce. Where she is, he is not. Until he tried out her Rainforest activity mat:
It has lights! It has sounds! Actually, it is kind of a freaky thing and he looked hysterical sitting under the top as the lights flashed and the kookie slighty-off-center nursery songs played above him. It gave me definite in-da-club vibes, and he was sitting there all, "Hey LAYDEEZ".


But Lok, you seem to be doing good. Really good! YAY for good!

Now, if I could just get some sleep. Zombies have NOTHING on me in the looks department right now.

And how, I ask you, should a zombie edit her SOLD BOOK when she is a said zombie?

I haven't figured that out yet. But I'll let you know when I do.


Merrilee said...

Hey! That's exactly the same activity mat we bought for the small man :D That thing is great :)

Love the kitty stare!

Jemi Fraser said...

Love that mat - wish they'd had that when my kids were little! I don't think the teens would appreciate it much now :)

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

JKB! Nomi has the rainforest activity set! She loved that thing! Heck, I loved it! So cute! Too funny! Great mommies DO think alike!

Baby and kitty pic so cute (sans possums of course)! ;)

xoxo -- Hilary

Heidi Willis said...

LOVE the kitty watching over her!!

You shall figure the zombie thing out. And eventually look like a human being and sleep through the night. :)