Tuesday, 23 March 2010


in more ways than one.

Baby and mama seem to be getting more along, as she's happily ensconced gaining weight and sleeping. Cat seems to have come to the realisation that he is the guardian angel, and makes it his duty to check on the baby wherever I'm at, as well as glaring at visitors who hold her (and checking on her numerous times, to the dismay of the midwife who visits.)

So home life seems to be settling VERY slowly back down.

I'm deep in revisions for POSSUM SUMMER. I have some time 'til they're due, but I don't want to sit on my laurels. So I'm trying to do some every moment I have time, and I am getting somewhere, just not fast. Since I've been home I've managed to get to Chapter 7 (from Chapter 3 in the hospital - yes, until I was induced I was working on revisions.... :-)

Super Miracle Worker Agent has PANIC, and I'm waiting on her feedback for that book; she's given me my revision notes for PoloGRRL (which I shall attack after I turn POSSUM SUMMER in to my editor - *whoee do I get a frisson when I write that!*) so I'll work on that, which is good.



I have three - THREE - awesome sparkly ideas. Right now they're sitting pretty, cooking up subplots and things. But they sit impatiently pretty, waiting to knock me down with one fell blow.



Heidi Willis said...

When you multi-task, you really multi-task!! Pretty soon you're going to have three revisions going, a new baby that's awake a lot more during the day, and new books banging around in that noggin of yours.

You're crazy!!

and that's why I think you're so amazing. :)

Heidi the Hick said...

When you said you didn't want to rest on your laurels, I pictured you delicately perched on a pile of silk cushions with your baby in your arms and cat on your shoulder lookin all guardian-like!

Literally you better be on your laurels any chance you get, haha!

Seriously it's good that you're working on it as you can, since a new mother never knows when time will be taken up. I know you can do this. I mean, I still find it hard to believe what you can accomplish but I've witnessed your awesome powers already.

I also know she's gonna love Pologrrrrl! It already got past one tough customer.

Medeia Sharif said...

I'm glad you're adjusting, and multi-tasking.

Those sparkly ideas are nagging. I have to put them on hold. I can't do more than two projects at a time.