Saturday, 6 March 2010

Team Possum? Or Team Rat?

I have a very nice friend that talks a LOT OF SMACK about my darwing widdew possums.

Her name is Hilary Wagner. She's also published by Holiday House (like how I worked that in?) and we've spent the last six months or so hating (but in a good way!) on the other's personal choice of rodent (or marsupial, in the possum's case. *sniff sniff*)

Harmless stuff, really. Like calling her the Rat Queen. (I am the Possum Empress). Mocking her rats' problem with personal hygiene. Listing the ways that possums score so much higher on the cuteness and handyness scales of the world.

She always threatened me with a throw down when (when - never give up hope!) POSSUM SUMMER got taken up by some extremely intelligent publisher. How much did we laugh and squee when it was the same extremely intelligent publisher that published her debut NIGHTSHADE CITY as well as the sequel, BILLYCAN?

(PS just for the record? Holiday House is so full of awesomesauce I can hardly even speak. FULL of teh KEWL)

In her typically awesome fashion, Hilary made a throwdown picture. Which you can see below:

This is the author of the evilness, the Rat Queen herself:

So I thought I'd call her bluff and raise her TWO PIECES OF BOOK FLAIR.

Now is YOUR chance. Your chance to take part, take SIDES, in this memorable debate. Which is cooler? The Rat (schmat!) or the Possum (who is AWESOME!)

Which do you prefer?
(boo! hiss!)


(YAY !!)

There will be a contest at some point for those that DO pick a side, and post one of these adorable (POSSUM!) or not (RAT!) pieces of flair on their blog. Or elsewhere. Just post it and fuggedaboutit. The coolness will come when you least expect it!

So just so you know. There will be exceptionally nifty and flabbergastingly amazing things involved.


Jonathon Arntson said...

Team Cat eating your rodents.

Possum comes in second.

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

There is a reason you and I are such good friends!!! WE ARE VERY WEIRD!!! Ha, ha!

I love ya and hope to kick your shady possum loving butt soon, but I'll wait until baby possum arrives!!! Rats play fair! Possums play dirty pool!!! BTW: Who is that great looking blond in the picture??? :)

xoxo -- Hilary

Al said...

As an Aussie I have to root for the possums.
We have a heap of marsupial species we call possums which are way cuter than American Opossums or Rats.


Publish or Perish

Diana said...

RATTIES RULE!!!!! Possums are cute too, but I have eight rats and they are gorgeous :)