Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wrap-up. You all think I lie!!

Wow, you guys!

Remember this blog post? Where I got a prize, and I had to list some lies and one truth? And then I did it? And these were it?

Here are my lies...and one truth:
  1. I adore cakes. Chocolate cakes Red Velvet cakes cakes cakes. Can't get enough of them. Will go into stores just to look at their selection, and often bring a piece home for tea.
  2. When I was eight years old I had my brother convinced that I originated from where fairies came from, and if he ate enough of the fairy mud pies I made for him he'd become a fairy too.
  3. I have totally been reincarnated from a 60's hippie that OD'd, thus my penchant for what my husband calls my 'herb bags' and 60's classic rock.
  4. I have lived in more towns in Germany than towns in the US.
  5. I fought off a shark once on my board at Bondi Beach. He was coming for me and I whacked him between the eyes. I'm wearing him as a belt to this day.
  6. I was not only in a sorority, I became the "sweetheart" of a frat at the same university and was completely and totally slavered over. My word was LAW, people. LAW.
  7. It's possible for me to purchase Dr Pepper at stores here in Germany.
And then EVERYBODY posted that number 2 was definitely it?

*is hurt*

You guys think the worst of me! Ha! How could you do that?

I write children's books!

I like possums! (rats schmats!)

I post nice comments on other people's blogs, because I loves dem and stuff!

I have two hairless cats and for crying out loud, I've knitted them sweaters!

I live in Germany and I give money to the homeless regularly! And donuts, too!



... * pauses to let the import of what I've said here sink into your psyche *

and sheesh. For the record, it was my SISTER that I had convinced I was the fairy.


I can buy Dr Pepper here, finally. *yay*


A.S. said...

Hoping you're doing well! Been thinking about you!

Heidi Willis said...

Yay for Dr. Pepper! I know being overseas can get hard when you can't find the little things you take for granted from growing up!

And bwa hah hah! You are too funny about those mud pies!!

Thinking of you and hoping you're doing well. Does this blog post mean you're home from the hospital?

pseudosu said...

Don't feel too bad, I convinced my sister a pepper corn was a piece of german candy that had to be bitten down on, and that I was my own evil twin. : / !!!

I've been thinking about you a ton. (!)

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

Possum! Where are you?? Hope you, Izzy and Soren are doing well!

xoxo -- Hilary

Patti said...

Hope you are doing alright. I hope your sister has forgiven you or does she even remember.