Monday, 26 April 2010

Hey! Hey! Hey!


So guess what! I have a KID! A massive personality - with GINGER HAIR - in a 10 pound body!

And - SHOCKER - I have a book deal! And I'm revising the book for the book deal!

aaaaaand that's where I'm at. *LOL* The last six weeks have sort of passed in a fog, but I have revised the book and it is being read now in preparation to being given to the Wonder Agent to read. The Wonder Agent has the Wonder Manuscript now (PANIC) and will soon get the new and improved Sold Book to read en route to it being sent to my editor.

*faints a little*

So, yeah. I'm moderately rested, I'm moderately in control of my life again, and I'm back.



Lady Glamis said...

WOW!!!!!!! Congrats on all of that!

Patti said...

That's awesome that two great events happened so close together.

JKB said...

Thanks LG! It all happened in a crazy sort of haze and I'm only now being able to really enjoy the two things!


Patti, you're right. It was darn awesome. And now that the baby part of the deal seems to be getting along with the mama part of the deal, we're set! :-))

Heidi Willis said...

HI!! **waving**

Good to see you back! :)

I remember so clearly where you were a year ago....

Can you imagine a year from now??

:) YAY YOU!!

Stephen Parrish said...

Welcome back.

Merrilee said...

Double bonus, Jen! Congratulations!

Jemi Fraser said...

Wow - congratulations all over the place!! Super exciting -- for both events! :)

beth said...

Holy cow! CONGRATS!!!!!!