Monday, 31 May 2010

Deep Thoughts about Willy Wonka...

Hello, good fellows in blog land.

I'm currently revising a book that has given me major headaches since its conception. I managed to write it, and then I let it sit for the last two years as I finished four others, got an agent AND got a book deal.

Which is a little funny if you think about it. I mean this book - it's a humdinger. My poor crit buddies know - they've seen what, five different attempts at a first chapter?

But now this baby is hummin'. It's ROCKIN'. It's R-O-L-L-I-N'. I've got a long synop, a short synop, and three first chapters that are pretty dang good. (So it's off to the agent they go.)

I've been compulsively re-reading them, and thinking about them, and I've come to a conclusion. You remember in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, where he has the gum that should be a three or four course meal?

Your chapters ought to be like that.

I mean, you can pick your flavour, but you should have a complete meal in each one. There shouldn't be any preservatives, or extra fatty bone fragments or extra skin laying, your chapter should have the well-rounded ecstasy of a starter, main and dessert...perhaps a cheese platter on the side, as well. And don't forget the drink!

I think this is a part of where I've gone wrong with this book before. I needed to have good stuff in there, but was so caught up in the different processes I didn't slow down and appreciate each chapter. Now, *crosses fingers* I think I have it.

Heh. Watch this space. I'll likely go bonkers next week.

But until then, I'm enjoying the ride.

And how is your writing/revising going?


notesfromnadir said...

Sounds like you've put lots of time & effort into your creation. I love the Willie Wonka analogy & yes I certainly do remember that gum! Wish I had some of it! :)

Wishing you the best & hope read a future blog where you let us know that you have lots of interested agents.

Patti said...

I always thought that gum would be gross, but I know what you mean about chapters.

I'm two chapters away from finishing first draft of second book.

Jemi Fraser said...

Good analogy! I love a full chapter. I'm currently revising & I'm actually making progress :)

Kelly Bryson said...

It amazes me how many projects a single person can complete. Great job!

Heidi Willis said...

Let's just hope it doesn't all go terribly wrong when you get to the dessert! :)

You impress and amaze me, and I'm sure this book is going to be incredible. Usually the hard ones are.

I'm feeling the groove again, and am about 2/3 the way done. If I can keep the pace, I'll be done by the end of June. Then it's on to revisions! YAY!! I love revisioning!

pseudosu said...

Oh hon. You'll do it. You will, and it will be awesome! I'm just living this summer, not so much writing. Letting things bubble and stew.