Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm a joiner. I'M A JOINER, okay??!!??!

So I did it.

Went ahead and joined Goodreads today.

And I have to ask you: How many things can one person join? All these crazy things .. to keep up with them all, if I did I mean, I'd never have time to write! How do you prioritize? I thought about this question and really shook my head.

Well, in a way I guess I do. here's my list:

1. Baby
2. Husband and cats. (The cats think they get the crap end of the deal, but hey, they're cat princesses. Even though they are HE's and neutered!)
3. Twitter
4. My email.
5. My writing. (Um. FAIL?)
6. News articles found on Twitter.
7. Blogs
8. MY blog (um, can we all say again, JEN:FAIL??)
9. Absolute Write and Vera Kay
10. What now? Goodreads? Sheesh!

And the sad thing is, I know I'm forgetting something. I know it. But this darn baby brain thing (it's REAL GUYS) keeps me from remembering. Just like I got dyslexic and messed up a payment for the new CrossTrainer that will get and keep me fit and shapely here soon. (Another ong story. Maybe not one you want to know about).

So I ask you. What's your priority? Priorities? I'd love to know. Help me think I'm not alone in this madness I'm living through. :-D


Ello said...

But I think you need to be on goodreads since you are a soon to be pubbed author who will friend me, right?

ok so I won't even try to prioritize because I am always a lame brain!

Heidi Willis said...

Okay - the first book you should have added to goodreads is your own! (and mine, but hey, I won't nag. :) ) And you need to make your profile an author profile. In all that spare time.

I know what you mean, though. I don't think I get it all right most of the time. Since my kids can now get boxes of cereal off the shelf themselves and wipe their own bums (my son would be mortified I just said that), sometimes they fall behind writing. Or it feels like it anyway.

Really, though, family always first. Email is pretty high. twitter is pretty low. My blog somewhere in between. Exercise has fallen below where it should be as has marketing occasionally. Reading is not in the top five either, although I keep trying to remedy that. Goodreads, as well as other groups I participate in, are way behind in my updates!

There just isn't enough time for everything, for sure.And a baby...well, a baby should count for at least ten things on that list up there.

Pick and choose, and let the rest go. You can be on goodreads and not be avid about it. No one will come beat you up, I promise. :)

AutumnZ said...

Hmmm. My priorities. Food for thought.
1.Time to myself every day, just for me. Even if it's just 30 minutes, I will schedule everything else that is negotiable around this.
2.Making sure Lina and Huck's needs are met.

I know that seems selfish, but #2 through #5 can't be accomplished without #1.

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

My priority: Sneak into your flat and replace your hairless cats with hairless rats!!!!


xoxo -- Hilary

Jemi Fraser said...

I think I still have 'baby brain' and my kids were born a long time ago :)

My priorities:
- kids
- hubby
- job
- kids at job
- nieces & nephews and other family
- writing
- blogging

One of these days I'll find time to do it all!