Thursday, 13 May 2010

Information gathering

Hey guys!

I'm gathering information that everyone has today, if you can take a moment.


What kind of information?

Well, sit back. Close your eyes (after you read this post, heh heh) and think back to your middle-school years. And then riddle me this, Batman:

- what was your most embarrassing moment in school?

I will share mine, in the interests of full disclosure. A buddy of mine was having a birthday party and his father was gonna drive everyone around in a big old trailer full of hay - a hayride. It was exciting stuff (hey, we grew up on farms, kk?)

And then he told me everyone that rode in the hayride had to act like dogs. The only problem is, he didn't tell anyone else that. So for the entire hayride I made an utter fool of myself barking and running around. (It was revenge for something I'd done on the bus to him. Children are so evil sometimes). I did wonder why everyone else didn't do it, but you see, I've always been gullible.

I was ... eight. It was the most embarrassing moment of my young life.


(when you stop laughing, that is. *sigh*)


ZM_Dreamer said...

I was always picked on in the 7th grade, especially by this one bully. She made me do lots of things I didn't want to do or she would hurt me.

During recess one day, she was swinging and had me to throw this big inflated crab soccer ball up when she was swinging forward so that she could kick it at me and try to hit me with it. This ball was BIG and weighed around 15 pounds and I was hit several times and knocked down.

The last time I threw the ball for her, I misjudged and instead of hitting her feet, the ball hit her right in the head knocking her backwards off of the swing. I laughed. I laughed so hard that I squatted down and peed on myself, right there in front of the whole class at recess. I peed right through my pants to where it was streaming on the ground.

My class was laughing so hard, they didn't know which was funnier: me peeing on myself, or me knocking the bully out of the swing.

JKB said...


HAHAHAHA!!!! That is awesome!

And you had the last laugh! (kind of)

ZM_Dreamer said...

I sure did! I can remember it perfectly, because that is the only time I downed the bully lol. When the ball hit her head, her head wobbled for a minute before she fell backwards. She didn't get hurt physically, but her pride did get hurt. I would have felt horrible if she did get hurt. That's me though. I wouldn't hurt anyone intentionally, even a mean bully. :)

Jan O'Hara (aka hope101) said...

I'm gonna have to get back to you on this one. If I have any truly embarrassing moments, I might have blocked them. O.o

sue laybourn said...

Junior High School cafeteria, probably 500 kids in there. Walked up to return my tray and dirty plates. I .. um ... tripped over the milk crate and landed face down, broken crockery everywhere.

I got a standing ovation.

Was mortified.



Kathryn Magendie said...


I can't remember all my embarrassing moments from jr high - I was one big embarrassing moment *laugh*

JKB said...

Jan, don't be shy. Remember, it's a long time back. (Altho I can still feel the sinking in my belly when I figured out he'd done that horrible thing. haha)

Sue - OH MAN. *shudders* But .... holy cow, I am laughing fit to kill. It sounds exactly like something I would have done.

Kathryn - HEHEEE!! I think I'm with you. I mean, that one was bad, but maybe my entire childhood passed in an embarrassing blur. XD

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

my first bra broke when I was giving a presentation at the front of class.

ChristaCarol said...

Oh my, I have many. My big one has to do with dogs, too, actually. When I was in third grade my dad dared me and my brother to eat a bite from a dog food can and whoever did got the Vette when we were old enough to drive. My brother was like, heck no! And I was all like, heck yeah! Anything for that red Vette. Well, I told a friend who told a non-friend, and by the end of the week, even Kindergartners were barking at me in the halls. That followed me up until 9th grade when I made cheerleading. Made making friends hard, that's for sure!

Once in 6th grade Iafter going to the bathroom, my fly zipper broke (it was lunch time) and I didn't have a long shirt to hide it. I had to come out into the cafeteria to go to the office and fix it with a safety pin, but omg, that walk was mortifying.

Anonymous said...

Hrm. The only embarrassing moment I can remember from when I was younger was in 6th grade.
I should preface this by saying that I developed early and fast, so by age 11 I had B-cups that I just wasn't used to yet. I was also in the habit of taking a shower and wearing the t-shirt I wanted to wear to school the next day to bed (less time to dress in the morning = more sleep).
So, one morning I got up, got dressed, and made it all the way to school before I realized I'd forgotten to put on a bra. This was before the days when every school-kid had a cell-phone, and our school's phone policy was emergencies only (and there was no way I was telling anyone that I'd forgotten a bra).
I spent the entire day braless and mortified, certain that everyone was staring at my unconfined bosoms (they probably weren't). Needless to stay, I made sure to wear a bra to school every day after that.

Anyway, that's my story.

Heidi the Hick said...

Well I got bumped in the head a lot when I was a kid so I don't remember all those embarrassing moments. Or maybe I blocked 'em out? Oh, how about that time in Grade 4 when I was sitting in class feeling really cold and then realized I'd forgotten to wear a shirt that day? Wait - that was a dream i had. pffff. Nope, it's all gone. I guess falling off the pony and getting mud up my nose was worth it after all!