Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Creepy Crawly Wednesdays...

...so I get to start a new book this week.

HOORAY! It's been awhile since I've had a shiny new prospect and since SuperAgent has also written off on this idea already, it's like it is extra-super special!

The unspecial bit?

I have to have a snake in this book. One of my kids in this book has a snake. A King snake.

Let me let you in on a little sekrit about your dear old me:

I detest snakes.

Abhor them.

Distrust them.

Do Not Like Them.

They are icky.

And yet, and YET - when the muse said snake (after I finished saying WTF!) I said 'okay, I can do this.'

So sometime in the next couple weeks I'm gonna track down a snake and touch it.


I've already been reading about them and it is confirmed:Me No Likey snakes.

I can tell you why.


- I almost stepped on a rattler when I was a kid.
- I have been chased by a water moc.
- I've run them over on the road when they have tried to attack my car.
- One got in my house once. I like to have had a heart attack.
- They like to eat chicken eggs. Sometimes, when I was little and gathering chicken eggs, I would come across one. The results were not pretty.

Snakes are few and far between in Germany. A fact that I love about Germany.

Ugh. I just hate snakes.

Do you?


Merrilee said...

I grew up with them, and while I certainly don't get over-friendly with the venomous inhabitants of Oz, I appreciate that they have their place, and leave them in peace :)

We used to get taipans at the back door when I lived in Queensland. You get used to them :)

Dawn said...

I had a traumatizing snake incident when I was five years old, which now that I look at it, wasn't really that traumatic at all. Regardless, I will not touch them, or even look at them.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I hate them too...They creep me out. A couple summers ago the lake was really high and a snake swam up to us when we were swimming. Talk about freaking out! We had guests with kids in the water with us. We still call that area snaky cove!

Alison Stevens said...

I'm okay with snakes. My most memorable snake experience was when my mom found a garter snake in the garden. My mom hates snakes, so I offered to remove it for her. I put on gloves, picked it up, and it vomited earthworms all over the place. Needless to say, I dropped it. I think it continued to live in the garden until we moved out six years later.

So... when you touch the snake, make sure it hasn't eaten three kilos of earthworms first! :D