Monday, 19 July 2010

Fun Marketing finds


Sorry I wasn't here last week, holiday called! Loki is now eating baby food and her faces are exceptional!

Anyway, I'm doing Marketing research for POSSUM SUMMER and look what I found! The Beverly Hillbillies made an episode aptly titled POSSUM DAY!

So I brought it here for your amusement.



Jemi Fraser said...

Love the Beverly Hillbillies! Great vids :)

Heidi Willis said...

Now if you could harness them for real marketing!!

Barbara Martin said...

I watched this as a teenager, but I must say it's so much better today. Though with today's inflation the Clampett's would likely need 35 Trillon Dollars. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Matthew Rush said...

Hi Jen. I sent you an email on your website per Hilary Wagner's suggestion. Now I'm at your blog and have become your newest follower.

Nice ta meet ya!