Monday, 6 September 2010

Month of the Rat meets Marketing Month!

I'd like to welcome my good buddy Hilary Wagner to the blog today!

A group of writers will be hosting Hil on their blogs this Month of the Rat. Stop by each day for a link to a brilliant host on yet another blog!

Whew. I just realized this month is gonna be mad busy! wowsa!

So anyway. On to Hilary!


JKB: Welcome to the blog, Hil! Your debut, NIGHTSHADE CITY, comes out in a month! How does that feel?

HW: It's been nuts! I'm crazy busy with my debut, plus that pesky real life has really been getting in my way! ;) It's been tons of fun and just as much work, but so worth it!

JKB: I bet. And all this for rats! *ducks and runs* What interesting things have you done, marketing-wise, for NSC's release?

HW: Holiday House has done some great promotions for me - they had me do a signing at the IRA in Chicago last April, which I think brought in about 30,000 educators, and this Thanksgiving I'll be speaking at the ALAN Workshops at Disney World, following The NCTE! I'll be on a 3 author panel with Andrea Creamer (Nightshade) and Becky Fitzpatrick (Crescendo), which I'm super excited about! Then, since it's only 2 days after, my family and I are having Thanksgiving at Disney World with Mickey and Mulan (my daughter's favorites)!

JKB: How cool for the kids!

HW: Definitely! I'm also working with Blueslip Media for specialized markets like independent bookstores, and book reviewers and book bloggers! Then there's my recent Kirkus review, which was so positive (I was scared, so what a relief!), to help spread the word ! I've also got a link up on my website for booksellers, librarians and teachers to get free bookmarks for their readers!

JKB: That all sounds wonderful! I see you have a specialized website for the book, not just you as an ... why did you do that?

HW: I wasn't a blogger when I wrote the book, so I decided to create a website for the book instead. I thought it was a great way for people to get to know the book--who cares about me anyway? My rats lead a far more exciting life! ;)

JKB: Quite! You've also given away ARCs and other books on sites like Goodreads. Did you like that exposure?

HW: Goodreads is a great way to connect with readers and the giveaways are simply a lot of fun! I won a book on Goodreads a couple months back and it was such a nice present to get in my mailbox! Who doesn't love free books??

JKB: So...*leans in confidentially*...are you nervous? About your release?

HW: I was more nervous a couple months back then I am now. I've learned with promotion, etc., there is only so much you can do. At one point, you just have to say your prayers and cross your fingers and toes (and tails) and hope your book makes it.

JKB: Thanks for visiting, Hil!!!! Your rats are *almost* as cool as my possum, ha ha! I'll definitely cross my tail for your success!

Go! Order it! Yay!


aspiring_x said...

congrats on the upcoming release hilary!!! i'm wishing you all the luck on good reviews and good sales, and good whatever you would like!! :)

Alison Stevens said...

Wow, Hillary, what great news! Congratulations and best wishes with the release!

Heidi Willis said...

Great interview! And what a fun sounding book! Best of luck, Hilary!