Monday, 27 September 2010

This. Friday. Is. October. First!

Heya guys!

How's it on your end?

This, it got away from me! I had so much more planned, and then, well, I forgot to post it and schedule it. I am a loser. :-(

But my most Awesomest Web Goddess Astridita will be here on Wednesday to talk about author websites and what you do/don't want on them, so that will be ultra cool! Finishing off with a bang, so to say. :-D

And then of course there is Friday and a whole new look. I feel so sparkly and excited. :-D

Also, edits are completely FINISHED, the super-sekrit AWESOME idea is fully fleshed out and all eventualities have (hopefully) been addressed, so that is off to my publisher for approval, I've gotten approval for my venue in the states for the book release party (Hint: it was my favorite place in the WORLD when I was little), I've designed my butt off with promotional materials for all of it, and wow I'm wiped.

So a couple more read throughs of my edited MS the next couple nights and it's off! W00t!

Where are you at?


Matthew Rush said...

That's lots of cool news! Thanks Jen.

I'm still deep in re-writes but doing well, thanks for asking.

aspiring_x said...

looking forward to the new look!
and hooray for being ALMOST FINISHED!!! :)
i'm stuck in rewrites, also. with a strong peppering of slacking off.

Heidi Willis said...

I'm exhausted just reading this.

And I'm procrastinating writing a new scene between Kat and Donna Jean, who just pranced into this book. I'm back to hating revisions.

No, I take that back. I love them.

No, wait, I still hate them.

Kimberly Mitchell said...

Looking forward to Wednesday and the information on author websites!

Patti said...

Revising, revising, revising.