Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Good things to keep in mind...

...when your book has been bought. (And it will, so keep it in mind!)

So at present, while I wait on last-round line and copy edits, wait on agent revisions to my wonderful new MS, wait for my kid to start crawling, wait for my house to clean itself (I'll pause here and let you laugh) I thought I'd finalise something I've been working on, on and off since January:

My individual marketing plan for my book.

Don't get me wrong. My publisher is a-maz-ing with ideas on how to promote POSSUM SUMMER, and I'm super happy to go along. But with anything, you can either help or hinder your publicist and I would *prefer* to help.

This in mind, I've specifically done something that they wanted me to do (which you can start to do right now): Make a list of 'important' people for your book, who have agreed to read it when the time comes.

This does not mean approaching them for the first time out of left field, but knowing *who* you want to target and building a relationship with them. My beautiful agent had told me it was important way back, so I'd built my list organically as I went along...to where once I received notice they needed it, I had a list of 12 super great people that wanted to read - as well as two *faints and dies* fantastical authors who'd agreed to blurb. I mean, we're talking legendary authors - to me.

But more on that later (she says, enigmatically.)

A view of my marketing plan/numbered To-Dos/budget/Release part plan

I'm the first to admit that I am a bit of a control freak, and when I thought up my Amazing Marketing Idea, I worked on it a good two months before finally sending it to my publisher. I wanted it perfect beforehand (for instance, it has 45 'ToDo's on my list) and I've also had an attorney vet the rules and information just in case I'm missing some legal bit.

The most important thing is that you liason with your publisher. I've prepared everything in a big doc, with visuals, and am preparing to send the rest (It's not a huuuuge lot though it looks like it...control freak, remember?) to my publisher as soon as I have the last little bits done.

Would I do things differently if this was my second or third or fourth book? Maybe. I know that POSSUM SUMMER is based in Oklahoma (where I coincidentally grew up *g*) and I wanted something that really ties in with that, as well as the themes in the book.

What exactly do I have planned? If you could see that picture you'd know everything, *hee*, but as it is, I'll be putting it on this little blog here first. So just make sure and come back by, and you'll know all - before long.

You? What interesting ideas do you have planned for your book?


FYI - author Saundra Mitchell has an awesome group of posts on what an author can do for their marketing here. It should be recommended reading!


Dawn said...

Great post!

Heidi Willis said...

It turns out the writing is the easy part. Who knew??

The after-your-published part demands skills that most of us creative types weren't born with: mad organizational skills. Luckily, it looks like you were! :)

All this control freak work will pay off big for you. So exciting!

Medeia Sharif said...

You're amazing and organized. I plan ahead, but not like this. Cheers on a lovely, huge debut. You've certainly put in the hours.