Monday, 8 November 2010


Remember when I said I had big cool news and I'd tell you all about it on Friday?


Well, I forgot. Sorry! We're switching out my hubs staying home with Loki for me, and between her not sleeping, me deciding I really needed to write two books at once, and working some from home for the day job (not to mention all the household stuff, two neurotic cats, shopping, etc...)...yeah. Sorry.

I forgot.

Anyway, here's the SUPER AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!

We've started an English Book Club in Berlin for kids age 11-16 !

Here's our WEBSITE!

Our first book will be the marvelous THE UNDERNEATH by Kathi Appelt, and wonder of wonders, this remarkably talented, fascinating writer and poet is gonna skype with our kids!

To say that we're not totally over the moon about this would be lying. Because we are.

All the details are over on the website! So if you're around in January, definitely join us for wonderful books and even better discussions!


Dawn said...

That's awesome news. Congrats! I hope life settles just a little so you can enjoy all of the awesomeness going on in your life right now...

JKB said...

Thanks Dawn!

You know, I guess if I got all calmed down I might get bored. So at least we're really busy! XD

Alison Stevens said...

Wow, that's awesome!! I had no idea. Let me know how I can help spread the word. And enjoy the craziness of working/writing/mothering at home. :D

Heidi Willis said...

That's amazing!! And crazy!! I can't believe how many things you've got going on!

Sounds like a total blast! :)