Sunday, 9 January 2011

Broken bones suck.

I'm writing this as a quick update for you all - if anyone still reads! ACK, I suck and am a bad blogger!

On the 30th I was out for a walk with my family, slipped on the ice and somehow found myself with a completely shattered lower right leg. Like in three places. With splinters, and free floating parts, and stuff. The grossest thing? Whenever I move it, I feel the pieces rattle together. And since it took forever for the ambulance to get there, it was too swollen for a proper surgery right away.

Which meant I've had a broken leg *healing without being correctly set* until today. Tomorrow, actually, when I go into the hospital to (presumably) have it all rebroken, reset with screws, and plates, and outside things that make me queasy and shall turn me into a cyborg.

Needless to say this has not been easy, as Loki cannot look after herself (no matter how brilliant she is) and the hubs has to work. SO we're all camped out at the grandparents who have admirably risen to the challenge of a 10 month old and an incredibly crabby writer (who is in too much pain to concentrate and write) the last 10 days.

But Tuesday, it shall be all better. I've downloaded a new app for the iPhone that says it will allow me to blog from my German Hospital Room! We'll see, says I.

But also? There is some coolness. Galleys are here, and the lovely Cindy Pon took a picture of my book cover at ALA MidWinter 2011: (upper right)

If you think about me, don't bother with the healing vibes BS. Send me some pain pills so I can just freaking write. I think I'm going mad.


Stephen Parrish said...

Holy crap, get well soon. You're no use to us broken!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Ouch. I had surgery three days ago on my ankle to take care of an old break. Hope they do everything right so you only have to go through it once.

Patti said...

That's awful. I hope the surgery goes well and you'll be back to your writerly self soon. Good luck.

Heidi Willis said...

I have a few pain pills left over from my broken foot, but I'm hoarding them as it's still pretty swollen. Wait - is that selfish of me? Okay, you can have a few too, but I warn you you won't be any good for writing once you take them!!

LOVE that photo!! That must be a rush!

Camilla said...

Hey Jen,
I've been missing you on Twitter! I'm sorry that I don't have anything stronger than Nurofen to contribute to your relief fund but I can always send yummy Belgian chocolates - you have only to say the word! (I'm serious about this, by the way. I really will send you some if you like!)

Best of luck with the surgery and a speedy return to full typing speed. ;)


Angela said...

I hope your feeling better! I can't send you pain pills...maybe "pain pill vibes"?

I am thinking of you!!
Heal fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Eek. :( I hope you're all mended soon.

I saw that pic and loved seeing your book in it.

Barbara Martin said...

Broken bones are nasty business, and I'm certain you'll do quite well after the survery. You might be needing morphine for pain, but healing vibes such as Reiki do work providing you're in a receiving mind. God works wonders in miraculous ways. If you're so inclined you can pray to the Archangle Rapheal, who will help your leg heal nicely. You can even say I sent you. He's done miracles for me.