Thursday, 27 January 2011


Thoughts at six am on a Thursday:

1. I always thought teething kind of went quick!? NO??!!?? WHY the heck NOT? It's not fair to me or Loki, universe! Stop it already!

2. My editor sent me a sales catalogue. With Possum Summer in it. Is it wrong of me to want to frame it?

3. I'm preparing all kinds of marketing stuff. It's intense! And mostly fun. Just waiting for the results to show up in my hot little hands now.

4. I gave my book to a trusted individual the other day for her to read and review in advance. Then I realized just maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought I was for other people to read it. (she called it beautiful, tho! Woot!)

5. My kid can crawl, sit up, clap her hands, stick her tongue out, and sing the star spangled banner. (kidding about that last bit.) so why NOT the teeth, for crying out loud?

6. I have a super cool blog tour coming up. It is so neat. Hint: P decides to take part. With sometimes disastrous results.

7. Really. Teeth.

8. I have discovered the feelings of 'not good enough' never go away, book deal or no.

That's me. How about you?


aspiring_x said...

teething is hard! hang in there! it's just the beginning of the life story of the teeth. just think, in twelve years you might be blogging about the struggles of braces! :P
get some rest! :)

Matthew Rush said...

Interesting news, but I thought we were going to be talking Zombies!

Barbara Martin said...

Good luck with the teething, both sets.

If you would like me do to a review on your up and coming book, I would be pleased to do so.

Heidi Willis said...

Frame the catalog. By all means!!

Enjoy every review!!

And for the teeth - they make these little strawberry shaped things you fill with water and freeze like an ice pop that the kids can chew on. Or you could buy a new pair of baby socks and fill it with water and freeze for her to chew on. :)

We have permanent teeth growing in in my house right now. And braces. Later it's wisdom teeth. Crazy, huh? Before you had kids they were just teeth!