Friday, 4 February 2011

First stop on the tour!!!

The Possums Are Awesome train has officially left the station!

I am visiting my crit partner and generally lovely all round person Heidi Willis today at hers!!

And as an added thank you to Heidi and all my friends that are hosting me, anybody that comments is automatically signed up to win a Possum Prizepack!

What's that?

-a signed hardcover of Possum Summer
-a Lookbook of your very own!
-a Possums tshirt!!!
-a Heidi stuffed possum from Leipzig zoo!!

Don't delay! Hie thee to Heidi's!!!


1 comment:

Heidi Willis said...

Ooh! Ooh! I've commented a couple times!! Am I eligible?? Please say yes!!

(And please say that possim from the Leipzig zoo isn't stuffed with ME!!)

(and I'll be buying the book anyway, even if I win! Christmas presents for all my friends... a little early! :))