Wednesday, 23 March 2011

OK. Last subject with NEWS AND UPDATES. I promise.

But really.

There is NEWS!


I've chosen my winner for the PROJECT MAYHEM book + tshirt! Super congrats to :::

You guys should check out her blog, too! Follow her! She is RAD and she likes POSSUMS!

Kenda, if you're reading this, please contact me and tell me your shirt size! Because laydee, YOU GOT POSSUM!


In other news...

I hate it when people are all 'ohhh I have something SEKRIT and you will know SOON'. And then I turned into one of them and did the same darn thing.

Well, HOPEFULLY next week I'll be able to announce the first of two super cool things, and then whenever I can I'll announce the other SUPER cool thing.

Just think! Two SUPER COOL things in ONE MONTH. Besides for Kenda winning a Possum tshirt, o'course.



Kenda said...

Winning the t-shirt and a copy of what sounds to be a fantastic book, "Possum Summer," is truly COOL! Thanks so much. Appreciate the win, and will be back in touch after I read the book :-)

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah, but SEKRITS can be fun!!!!