Friday, 1 April 2011

An exercise in insanity

Good morning.

My name is Jen Blom, and I'm nuts.

I bet you didn't expect that, huh. Well, I finally got some really good news on the Thing That Was Supposed To Be Announced This Week But Couldn't Due To My Insanity, so I'll do that on Monday. Then it'll all be out. All the sweat and tears. And it'll be up to other people to spread the word and make it happen with me. I'm just hoping they're cool with it.

The real insanity comes from this. I'm working on finishing up the first draft to my New! Novel! (2013!!) THE SPOTTED PONY. And it's great. But in the meantime I've been hammered with this awesome new idea. AWESOME. New. Idea. I know I"m using a lot of punctuation but just deal with me here.

And so? I am writing them both. Simultaneously.

Have you ever tried this? I'd tried, once before, to write two books at once. I failed big time.

But I think I've found the trick: You can't be a pantser and write two books at once.

I'm to 46k on TSP and 4k on OR and you want to know how I'm making it happen? I wrote both synopsees (synopseeses? ugh) beforehand. And then, I write one in the day and one at night. Or edit one while I think on the other.

Surprisingly, it's going really well, and I can see where I messed up before. Both books are as different as they could be, but that didn't stop me from messing up timelines. Now that I have the synopseseess (sheesh) I read through my last little bit (making what changes needed) and write from there. It also doesn't hurt that one is in first person (TSP) while the other is in third (OR)

If you would have asked me if this was possible even a month ago, I would have told you no way. But I knew I wanted this new idea out asap, even though I have a deadline for TSP. So, where there's a will there's a way.

I've got to ask you. Have you ever written two books at once? Any tips?

Tune in on Monday!

OH !! And the fabulous Linda Benson interviewed me on her blog! You should go comment, it's a sort of 'win it before you can buy it' sort of thing! So hurray!


sarah e stevens said...

You're the best, Jen. :) And both books are going to be brill!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi Willis said...

I thought you did great juggling the other two books! I thought it was nuts, but you did it well. :)

I never thought I could do it, but I'm doing it now - but not writing two. Revising the novel and writing the short stories. I like that the short stories take much less time to write. :)

I don't know how anyone can totally pants a book. I know they do. One of my faculty thinks we ALL should do it, that it's the only way to write a great story, but I just can't. It doesn't have to be detailed, but it has to have a basic direction. :)

Good for you!