Monday, 16 May 2011

Reviews. OH MY COMMA.

So reviews start to come in for POSSUM SUMMER!

This is the part I was pretty worked up about. it's rather stressful, to think that they are being reviewed by people that do this, you know, for a living. Everyone says not to worry about reviews, and then they say with the next breath to not buy into them too much, as if they're good you'll get a big head and if they're bad you'll want to kill yourself.

I can say that the above is all true, as I have lived through it these last couple weeks myself. And the highs and lows! MAN!


Princess, or “P,” lives on a rural Oklahoma farm and is desperate for a pet. Defying her father’s belief that

all farm animals are simply workers that must earn their keep, she tries to befriend both the cattle dog and

a donkey. Then, in a defining moment, she impulsively rescues a baby possum, planning to release him

once he is older. Her family is too distracted to notice P’s subterfuge: her mom works long hours, her dad

is stationed in Iraq, and her asthmatic sister stays indoors. Then a rabies epidemic sweeps across the

county, threatening the well-being of both animals and free-roaming P and foreshadowing dangers to

come. Writing in P’s believable voice, Blom captures the feel of rural America, with lush descriptions of

scenery and daily farm work, in an authentic exploration of friendship, a family under stress, and a child

learning to cope with consequences. The ending provides hope but no clear resolution. Hand this to animal

lovers, children of soldiers, and readers who enjoy the rich details of rural life.

— Suzanne Harold

Pretty cool. :-D

Both PW and Kirkus agree that P is a strong character. Which is nice.

P is a feisty, honest country gal.

- Kirkus


First-time author Blom effectively evokes her novel's contemporary rural Oklahoma setting and creates a credibly feisty protagonist in narrator P.

- PW

Now I just have to wait a couple more weeks until it's released.

I can't believe we're this close. The countdown is ON!


Sara McClung ♥ said...

oooooo fabulous reviews :) hang in there--your release date is right around the corner!

Heidi Willis said...

You and your book are fabulous. Anyone who says elsewise is... not. :)

Congrats on the good reviews. More are to come, I'm sure.

pseudosu said...

Awesome Jen. We knew you *when*. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the fabulous reviews. I can't wait for my pre-order status to change to "ordered."