Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Movin' on ooooover

Hey guys!

Well, MS is officially turned in. Revisions to PANIC continue apace, while thoughts are being given to fleshing out the beginning of SCAR-FIN. The Oklahoma Showdown students are busily creating their entries, and I'm sending out big care packages to certain libraries in Oklahoma tomorrow. Good things, all!

Let me tell you, having an excellent agent in this business is more valuable than rubies.

I'm changing stuff around on Facebook. As you all know (who've followed my blog for awhile), I have a little rugrat nick-named Loki. And it's none of her doing that her mama is a slightly mental children's writer with a book published, and more coming.

I have lots of friends, and if you're reading this, I consider you a seƱor coolio too. However. I have decided to go ahead and make my Facebook profile private - that means, only IRL close friends and family can see it.

Why? Well, I've gone paranoid.

I post a lot of pictures of my kid on there, and I've changed in my outlook regarding her public life on the internet. At first I thought, does it really matter? She's like 18 months old, will she know or care? But she might. And after reading some horror stories about regular children's pictures showing up on paedo websites - having been traced back to Facebook as the original source - I have become EXTREMELY paranoid. Thus the switch.

The more I think about this, the happier I am. I want to interact with everyone, but I need a place where my family back in the US can see pics of da Lokster, and unfortunately, even the computer illiterate members have Facebook accounts (and for those family members reading this, of COURSE it is not you I'm speaking of here! Ahem).

So I have a question for you - would you do me a favor and go and check out my author page on Facebook? If you like it, "like" it!

Is there anything you'd like to see? Not like to see? Have you ever considered going private?

If you want the real extrovert online me, I'd suggest my twitter feed. Plus, I pretty much live off that thing. Regarding Facebook, I promise not to spam the snot out of you, and I won't EVER "SUGGEST" that you like that page via a note thru Facebook. (Only here. Ha!)

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Alison Stevens said...

Wise move, Jen. That's the reason I don't post pics of my kids on FB. Maybe when I'm published, I'll set up a an author page and make more drastic changes. :)