Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Good news, and bad news.

Well, I covered this news pretty much here.

But to say that it was a pretty hefty bummer is failing to use my rather extremely awesome cursing powers. It sucks, guys. Sucks HARD. I had so much planned, I was so excited to see so many awesome kids, and meet librarians, and everything. And then this happened.

The irony is, "this" is what I've been struggling against all year: a broken leg from some ice that decided to make me cry UNCLE. Well, you win, leg. You win. Golf Clap. UNCLE. Do you hear me? UNnnnnnnnn-CLE! UUUUU NNNN CCCCC LLLLL EEEEE. I give in! You win! Okay?!!! OKAY YOU WIN. Now. Back off!

*ahem* I am attempting to regain my positive outlook. Dear readers of this blog, be warned: This Friday I have the MRI that will tell us if the weird semi-chemo infusion and surgery I had at the first of last month worked.

If you are reading this, cross your fingers for Friday for me? There is nothing I need more than a functioning freaking leg right now. Everything builds from that.

I will send you back warmth and light, in return. Or german chocolate. Your pick.

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Heidi Willis said...

I know that's a crushing blow for you. All those readers will love you, whenever you go, though. And I'm sure they will all understand.

For now, rest and let that leg heal up. I can't wait to hear the results of your tests. Praying it turns out well!!