Monday, 2 January 2012


I have been seeing resolutions all over. And since I want to be more consistent (having let things slide while I screwed around with this stupid leg of mine) I'm starting today! Consistency FTW!

Here are mine. What are yours?



1. Finish 2 stories (Operation Hitchcock AND Feathers). This includes:
. First draft
. Long and short synopsis
. Completely revised and ready to submit

2. Revise ScarFin. This is a book worthy of being sold and it's just sitting there collecting dust.

3. 1 blog post a week. That can't be that hard, right?

4. Promote and prepare for BLUE APPALOOSA (Holiday House, 2012) HEY YOU know any good horse review blogs? *ha ha*

5. Have implemented my "JKB takes Germany" workshops plan (more on this later)


1. By end of 2012 be pain-free and walking without ANY CRUTCHES!

2. Actively work on being more realistic in my expectations - aka "Denial-be-gone"

3. Mop my kitchen floor every other night (I know this is weird, but I have a SUPER HUGE hangup about the floor being clean and I am not so consistent always)

4. Pet the cats more.

5. Start Loki with horses. (Find a stable which will allow me to rent-a-pony, in which time I shall start to prepare Loki for her life as an Olympic gold medalist. No pressure. :) )

6. Actively make date nights (including babysitter!). Because my darling husband deserves a relaxing night every month or so. :-)


Andrea Mack said...

Best of luck with achieving all your goals! I need to do that date night thing too. My husband is very supportive of my writing and doesn't always get the credit or appreciation he deserves.

JKB said...

Andrea, welcome to the blog!

I think the poor husbands get a bad rap. They deal with a lot when they have a wife who's also a writer. Good luck with your goals, too!

Now I have to go check out your blog. :-)

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

awww! what a great idea about monthly date-nights! i wonder if i could swing that? hmmm....

i hope you meet and supersede all your goals!!!