Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Timeline of a Love

I have talked about this particular book of mine before. Here's its timeline:

1. Had initial idea right after finishing Possum Summer's first ever draft. The boy's eyes, man! They spoke to me.

SIX years ago.

2. Started rough draft immediately. Wrote in the train and at home. Only bother-er was my shadow cat, who insisted on sitting on my lap.

3. Halfway thru and hit a brick wall. This was before plotting had occurred to me. Too stubborn to stop writing it, so I blundered thru it and wrote the end. Decided I wasn't good enough yet to do it justice. Set it aside.

4. Let's be clear: I wanted to read this book. I loved the subject material and it was an alternate history/ fantasy, which wasn't in my field (contemporary animal/human relationships)

5. Let it sit for the next five years, where a kid, a huge move, new jobs and oh yeah, Possum Summers publication had me working on other things.

6. With the sale of my second book, I began to think about it again. I had done everything everyone wanted, I didn't have a new book out (my choice, I won't do another book on synop again!) I wanted to write something for me, purely for my pleasure.

7. So in January of this year I started brainstorming.

8. Today, I think I finally finished what I need to have before I start this rewrite: a strong chapter layout, extensive worldbuilding notes, and the will to see it properly finished.

I start the rewrite tomorrow night and I am so excited.

Have you ever had a book like this?

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Heidi Willis said...

I'm excited that you're working on this again. I remember so vividly those early pages, and I know your passion for this has never died.

Sometimes books are bigger than we are ready for when they come to us. A few years is sometimes exactly what they need to incubate and you need to grow to be able to tackle them.

I have great hopes the timing now is perfect. :)